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1with Colorants
2with Preservatives
3with Antioxidants
4with Flavour enhancers
7Wax (on Fruit)
8with Phosphate
9with Sweeteners
10contains a source of Phenylalanine
13can affect the activity and attention span of children
14frosting contains cocoa powder
15contains caffeine
16contains quinine
Glcontains Gluten
Wzcontains wheat
Rocontains rye
Gscontains barley
Hfcontains oats
Dicontains spelt
Kacontains kamut
Krcontains crustaceans
Eicontains chicken egg
Ficontains fish
Ercontains peanuts
Socontains soya
Micontains milk and milk sugars
Nucontains nuts
Macontains almonds
Hacontains hazelnut
Wacontains walnut
Cacontains cashew
Pecontains pecan
Pacontains brazil nuts
Picontains pistachio
Mccontains macadamia
Selcontains celery
Sencontains mustard
Sescontains sesame
Sucontains sulfur dioxide/sulfites
Lucontains lupin
Wecontains molluscs

Acontains alcohol
Llamb meat
Rbeef meat
Spork meat
Wvenision meat
T1contains animal gelatin
T2contains animal rennet
T3contains real carmine
T4contains squid ink
T5contains honey
Vvegetarian meals
V*vegan meals
Meal offers with organic components (Certification number DE-ÖKO-021-inspection point)
without additives subject to declaration
This dish is also available as a children’s meal after presenting a children’s identification card (side dishes and vegetable freely selectable).
mensaVital - balanced recipes with natural ingredients, plenty of fruit and vegetables and with fresh herbs
mensa regional
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Which food should be displayed?
Which additives are to be filtered out?
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